Eastern Taiwan

Travel in Hualien : Beautiful Spots After Earthquake

We all know that there was a horrible earthquake in Hualien on February 6th, 2018. Roads broke, houses and buildings collapsed. It sounds terrible but fortunately, there are still some scenic spots exist after the earthquake. Let's take a look

Southern Taiwan

PINGTUNG|SyuhHai Grassland Recreation Area : The Most Beautiful Stargazing Place in Southern Taiwan

The SyuhHai grassland recreation area, located on the gentle top of Mudanbi Mountain(牡丹鼻山) in Mudan Township, has a vast area of grassland and low shrub vegetation.  It is equipped with tourist information stations, parking lots, grassland trails and viewing pavilions.

Food to Eat

2018 Michelin Recommended!Dishes in the Linjiang Street (Tonghua) Night Market

As the first Taipei Bib Gourmand released, people search for the delicious dishes that they have missed before. There are 36 restaurants be recommended and 10 of them are from night markets! As we always say, that night markets are