It stands at 32 km on Highway 11. It is one of the few highest points on the coastal highway. Standing on the lookout, to the south you see Jiqi Bay, Turtle Roaring Cape, Sinshe Cliff, and other unique features of the coastal landscape.There are several coin-operated telescope for a clearer view of the surroundings. At sunset, you can spot fishing boats coming home; to the south you see the volcano on the south side of Jiqi Bay.


Travel Info
Baci Observation Tower
[芭崎瞭望台 / bā qí liǎo wàng tái]

Located in:Eastern Taiwan
Features:East coast of Taiwan, beaches, ocean view,
Highly recommend to:Roadtrip addicts
Opening Hours:24/7 All day, it’s a outdoor lookout
Transportation:Only by car or by bus
Address:32 Km on Hwy 11, Hualien County, Taiwan


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